Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Information Management Center of Excellence For the U2 Database Community

(UDEE) UniLibre Data Extraction Engine

The engine takes your data from U2, bursts and splits it into normalised relational rows, then stores it in a SQL compliant database. The initial load will seem daunting but we have strategies and practices that overcome the weight of normalising your data. A 100 GB U2 database seems small but you are actually seeing one of the foundational strengths in post-relational technology. You can't expect a 100 GB relational view of this data.


Now that your data is out and available, it's time to reshape it, integrate it and resolve issues such as:

    • (PII) Personally Identifiable Information
    • (SPD) Sensitive Personal Data
    • (SFD) Sensitive Financial Data
    • (PCI) Personal Card Industry compliance
    • (DSS) Data Security Standards compliance
    • (MDM) Master Data Management
    • (DQM) Data Quality Monitoring & Management
    • (ILM) Information Life-cycle Management

Information Governance, it's our passion. Don't be frightened by the expanse of this phase, UniLibre and many others have travelled this road and provide deep experience and skills.

Clearly, the staging phase is not simply an out-of-the box set of ETL components. Done properly, this phase requires involvement from your management team(s). Also, you may choose to not include UniLibre in this phase. However, UniLibre have pre-built ETL components which enable a rapid ROI for this phase.

As a footnote, if you are reporting directly from your U2 database, have you considered the above points?


Data Marts

We believe that the Kimball University leads the world in standards and methodologies for reporting and analysis of business information. UniLibre follows the Kimball methodology and have the skills to design and populate data marts intended for your industry then extended for your business. The presentation layer for your information is an out-of-the box set of ETL components but done properly, this phase usually requires consultation and modification depending on your particular requirements and use-cases.

UniLibre welcomes you to your new world of information opportunities