Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Information Management Center of Excellence For the U2 Database Community

Is it really so hard that it's only now possible?

Initially, UniLibre was asked to advise customers who have a desire to stay with their U2 system but also have a desire to explore business intelligence, analytics and data mining to drive business performance. We find that our advice is always well received by U2 customers but they have subsequently found it very difficult to engage U2 savvy technology partners who are affordable and capable in best practice data warehousing methodologies.

Arriving Now 2

Consequently, many U2 sites have invested heavily in capturing query outputs or writing BASIC code to create text files, both of which are then imported into a relational database (usually MS SQL Server). These clients have become heavily reliant on non-standard methods for accessing their data. UniLibre still recommend phasing out such practices, in favour of more robust and scaleable methods. What is a robust and scaleable methodology? A well designed and controlled ETL !

Arriving Now 3

As a result of our experiences, we built our own technology platform and we now combine:
    • 20+ years of U2 experience,
    • 10+ years of information management and data governance
    • the correct methodology,
    • the right platform,
    • a proven track record,


We bring all the right skills to solve your U2 data exaction and warehousing challenges. 

Yes, we can free your locked-away enterprise data through a low cost, easy to use, robust and scaleable platform. 

UniLibre welcomes you to your new world of information opportunities